Do you ship your probiotics with an ice pack? I live someplace that's really hot.

No. Shipping to places with warm (or very, very hot) weather is always a challenge when it comes to preserving the quality of the probiotics. Here’s what we do to combat this: 

1.  The main strain in ALL of our probiotics (yes, Jetson and Jettie) is DE111, a heat resistant, spore based probiotic strain.

2.  Any strains we include that are susceptible to high temperatures are “overstuffed” in each probiotic capsule. That means that we include more CFU than what we state on the label. We do this to account for any die-off during transit, so that the label on your bottle states the amount of live strains that are making it to your gut. We've validated this via a lab test where we exposed our probiotics for 10 consecutive days to high temperature and high humidity - after the 10 days, the amount of live probiotics CFU inside the bottle was what was stated on the label.

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