What's different about Jetson's probiotics?

Well, how much time do you have exactly? We could go on and on, but in the interest of time, here’s what you need to know: 

We Rotate Our Strains: We’re the world’s only seasonal probiotic. We're the only brand to rotate your formulations – whether you choose to do it on our time or yours – which is proven to maximize gut health.

We Use Clinically Validated Strains: See those numbers behind each strain that’s listed on your bottle? That means the strains aren’t generic– they’re the numbered strained used in scientific studies, not variants. Using the exact, named strains means we can claim their benefits.

We’re Convenient: Set it and forget it. Jetson is direct-to-consumer, which means your subscription leaves our facility and goes straight to you – quickly and consistently every month

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