Can I buy Jetson or Jettie without a subscription?

Jettie Kids and Jettie Baby are  only available as a subscription. However, Jetson is available as a one-time purchase for $42 if you want to give it a test run before committing.  We strongly recommend our subscription, because Jetson is a program, not just a pill. Unlike other probiotics on the market, Jetson’s seasonal probiotics are tailored to address the body’s’ unique needs year round. 

When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll have complete control over your account. Change your delivery date, skip a shipment, add an item to your order or cancel anytime. To prevent unwelcome charges, we’ll send you an email 5 days before your next charge so you can make any changes you want.

We also have a 30 day, no worry guarantee. If you don’t like your product, you don’t pay for it. Easy enough? 

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