How does the Jetson Seasonal Probiotics subscription work?

Subscribing to our program means setting it and forgetting it. We’ll continue delivering what you need, when you need it.

Fit in summer, Mood in fall, Immunity in winter, and Outside in spring. Each of these steps in the program include strains to optimize your wellbeing (like supported immunity in the winter and allergy defense in the spring).

Here is the schedule of our seasonal rotations – we use the seasons as guidelines, not absolutes so if your delivery schedule is a bit off, it's not a big deal. Just keep taking them.....that's the most important thing.

FIT = Summer (Jun 20 - Sep 19) 

MOOD = Fall (Sep 20 - Dec 19) 

IMMUNITY = Winter (Dec 20 - Mar 19) 

OUTSIDE = Spring (Mar 20 - Jun 19)

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