Which is the best probiotic for newborn?

You should keep an eye out for the following things when shopping around for a probiotic for your newborn: 

Rotated Strains: The gut needs diversity of species, and we’re the only ones doing it for you. Do you want to take the time to research, compare, and shop hop for a new probiotic (with different strains) multiple times per year? We didn’t think so either. We rotate Jettie Baby and Jettie Kids twice a year to specifically match to keep your little one’s gut on its toes.

Fresh:  Giving them a probiotic from a grocery store shelf? Good luck reaping any of the benefits. Probiotic strains have to be alive in order to be effective, and 6 month old probiotics you grabbed off the shelf at GNC are probably going to be quite the opposite. Jettie goes from the warehouse to your home – that’s it.

Clinically Validated: Generic strains don’t work.  We use named, studied strains – and when new ones are discovered and tested, we include them in our products.  We are literally the only company who can innovate our formulations at the speed of science.

Jettie checks all the boxes. Plus, it contains NO added sugar, NO GMOs and is flavorless so they won’t even notice it in their milk. 

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