Do C section babies have weaker immune systems?

This is a tough question, but we’re going to answer. If you have a c-section, and do nothing to nurture your child’s gut microbiome then yes, they will have a weaker immune system. 

This is because 70% of the immune system is in the gut – its diversity plays a crucial role in your baby’s overall immunity. When a baby is born vaginally, they get the bacteria that exists in a mom’s microbiome (in other words, they inherited strong gut diversity). But when a baby is born via c-section, the first gut bacteria they get is from a sterile hospital… which isn’t great, as you can imagine. 

We created Jettie for this reason, so that mom’s could spend their first days, weeks and months enjoying their newborn, not worrying about their health in the years to come. Jettie restores the gut balance c-section babies are missing, which sets them up for a healthy future and puts your mind at ease. 

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