What are the best probiotics for autoimmune diseases?

Trick question: there is no such thing.  As I said we don’t really know what causes many autoimmune diseases in the first place.  That said, once you are diagnosed, ensuring inflammation stays in check is key.  And one of the key ways to check inflammation is to get your gut in shape - starting with a great probiotic. If you want a probiotic that works, you should make sure it checks these boxes:

Rotated Strains: Your gut needs diversity of species, and we’re the only ones doing it for you. Do you want to take the time to research, compare, and shop hop for a new probiotic every 3 months with different strains? We didn’t think so either. We rotate our formulations four times a year to specifically match your seasonal needs and keep your gut on its toes.

Fresh:  Taking a probiotic from a grocery store shelf? Good luck reaping any of the benefits. Your probiotic strains have to be alive in order to be effective, and 6 month old probiotics you grabbed off the shelf at GNC are probably going to be quite the opposite. Jetson goes from the warehouse to your home – that’s it.

Clinically Validated: Generic strains don’t work.  We use named, studied strains – and when new ones are discovered and tested, we include them in our products.  We are literally the only company who can innovate our formulations at the speed of science.Yes, Jetson checks all the boxes. 

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