I have a picky eater, what is your recommendation?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your child gets the complete dosage of probiotics. Even for those who have a "more refined" pallate.

First, offer Jettie with a smaller, more manageable portion of liquid. Jettie can be mixed into as little as 4 oz of liquid so offering a small cup of water or milk when your child first wakes up (and really needs a drink) is a good way to make sure they drink it all.

Second, wait until your child requests a beverage or something to eat. This way, you know they are thirsty and ready to consume whatever you offer. 

Third, add it to their water/juice cup for the day. As long as their water cup isn't someplace SUPER hot, they can take their time consuming all the water and Jettie throughout the day. Just make sure they finish their cup before you refill it. 

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