Are the ingredients non GMO, gluten and allergen free? Dairy free?

Yes, yes and well… it depends. 

Jettie Baby Fall/Winter contains Human Milk Oligosaccarides (HMO) which are found naturally in breast milk and encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut. The HMO in Jettie Baby Fall/Winter is derived from cow's milk. Jettie Baby Spring/Summer does not contain HMO and is available year round. 

One of our highest studied strains in Mood was grown on dairy. So while the pill you’re taking contains no dairy or animal products, dairy was involved in the growing process. If you ask us, we’d consider this vegan… but let us know if this is an issue for you and we’ll be happy to switch you to another formulation.

In the facility that one of Mood's strain is grown, they also process probiotics grown on soy. Every strain is grown in a completely separate and controlled environment, because the facility does process strains that have been grown on soy we have to put it on the label. There is no soy in the actual product.

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