How can I remember to take my probiotics?

    We recommend you take probiotics in the morning, on an empty stomach. Yeah, we know that’s the worst time to “recommend” anyone remember anything.  If you need a little *nudge* to take your probiotic, we’ll send you a text on weekdays at 7 AM, and weekends at 9 AM. Our texts are easy to subscribe to, and easy to unsubscribe from if you want to take matters into your own hands. Ready?

    • If you’re West Coast, text JETSONPT to 312-728-3302 
    • If you’re Mountain, text JETSONMT to 312-728-3302
    • If you’re Central, text JETSONCT to 312-728-3302
    • If you’re East Coast, text JETSONET to 312-728-3302

Some of the members of the team use the alarm on their phones and there are also a few handy apps to help you remember as well.

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